Wiccan & Pagan

Our wiccan and pagan section includes items such as:

Sage sticks, smudge sticks sage room spray Rune stones. Tarot Cards, Angel cards, Oracle cards, book of shadows, journals, notebooks, Quill pens, Wax seals, cauldron, mortar and pestle, altar table, altar cloth, tarot boxes, tarot bags Books on Tarot, books on crystals, books on dreams, books on meditation Incense sticks, incense cones, ash catchers, incense burners, incense holders, resin, back flow burners Candles, candle holders, spell candles, coloured candles Triquetra, tree of life, green man, pentagram, pentacle, triple moon.

Spell in a box – choose from stock or have one made up

I do not do black or dark magic spells, so please don’t ask

Decoupage jewellery boxes

Crystals & Herb boxes

Naturally foraged for use in spells


Witch bottles for protection, love, luck and many others

“There’s so many goodies packed into such a small, wonderful, mythical shop – with something new to see each time you visit!”